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Chair & Associate Professor of Educational Studies

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3 Ways to Experience Your Education

1. Use education to explore big issues.

Many of our majors—and minors—pursue research and creative projects. Here are a few recent projects:

  • "Green & Gifted: Using Environmental Studies to Ignite Science Education," Derek LaRosa '10, secondary education and environmental studies major, and Jordan Willits '14.
  • "An Overhead Cry: Traversing the Gap Within the Ghana Education System," Celestina Dankwa Agyekum '12.
  • "Developing Talent Among Children of Color, Students from Low-SES Backgrounds, and English
  • Language Learners through Exposure to a Junior Great Books Program and the Arts," Jordan Kristopher Lanfair '11.

2. Study with some of the leading thinkers of your field.

Education students have engaged in a number of off-campus study programs and brought the knowledge and experience they have acquired abroad back into the classroom. One (of more than 90) options is studying child development in Denmark's International Study Program.

Here are some of places education majors have studied abroad:

3. Explore life after Knox through an internship.

Here are a few of our student's recent internships (many found with the assistance from the Bastian Family Career Center):

  • Yuva for Sewa Intern, Sewa International, Bangalore, India, Kalyani Sonarikar '17. 
  • Community Food System Intern, Sitka Salmon Shares, Galesburg, Illinois, Lindsey Morgan '16.
  • Summer School Teacher on a Navajo Reservation, Star School, Flagstaff, Arizona, Rose Griffin, Haley Domin, Jacqlynn Milligan, Megan Molloy, Haley Leinart '17; Lorena Amarillo, Quinn Broda, Aly Eastman, Jessica Fritz, Emily Williams '16; Jenna Butler, Erin Smith, Emma Robillard '15. 
  • Youth and Family Program Intern, Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, Illinois, Samantha Lizak '15. 
  • Media Relations Specialist, Jerry Thomas Public Relations, Chicago, Illinois, Melvin Taylor '14.
  • Golden Apple Scholars Program, Haley Domin '18, Yaneza Aguinaga '17, Liliana Saens '13, Celestina Agykhum '12, and Jordan Lanfair '11.

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