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Judith Thorn

Associate Dean for Curriculum and Assessment; Professor of Biology; Chair of Economics

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Requirements for the major:

11 credits as follows:

  • 5 required courses forming the foundation of the major: ECON 110, ECON 120, ECON 301, ECON 302, and ECON 303
  • Mathematics: MATH 145 or MATH 151 or equivalent
  • Statistics: STAT 200 (see Non-Departmental Courses) or MATH 321
  • 3 electives in economics (at least one must be at the 300 level): ECON 205, ECON 230, ECON 240, ECON 263, ECON 280, ECON/BUS 333, ECON 347, ECON 363, ECON 365, ECON 371, ECON 373
  • A seminar capstone experience: ECON 399

Credits in Honors (ECON 400) may substitute for ECON 399 and one of the field courses listed in the elective category above.

The best path is for students to take both Econ 301 and Econ 302 before Econ 303. Econ 301, Econ 302 and Econ 303 are prerequisites for Econ 399.

Students considering graduate programs in economics and related fields should take at least Math 151, Math 152, Math 205, Math 231 and Math 185. By their junior year they should consult with their economics advisor about preparing for further study.

Students majoring in Economics and majoring or minoring in Business and Management can apply no more than three courses to both programs simultaneously.

With permission of the chair, up to 2 credits in related studies outside the department, including off-campus programs, may be counted toward electives in the major.

Requirements for the minor:

5 credits as follows

  • ECON 110 and ECON 120
  • STAT 200 or PS 230 or PSYC 281
  • ECON 301 or ECON 302 (Note that MATH 145 or MATH 151 or equivalent is a prerequisite for ECON 301 and ECON 302.)
  • Another economics course excluding Independent Study and ECON 399

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