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Computer science professor David Bunde talks with a student about her independent study project in parallel computing.

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7 (Of the Many!) Ways Our Grads Are Finding Success After Knox

1. Some are in grad school.

  • Ph.D. Student, Washington University - St. Louis. Evan M. Balzuweit '14.

2. Some work in education.

  • Software Development Instructor, Dev Bootcamp. Ellie Poley '10.
  • Assistant Professor, Southwestern University. Carin Perilloux '03.
  • Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Yaa Akosa Antwi '02.
  • Associate Professor of Mathematics, Transylvania University. Ryan Stuffelbeam '98.
  • Associate Professor of Economics, Elmira College. Mariam Khawar Spear '91.

3. Some work in software engineering and design.

  • Software Engineer, Microsoft. Lauren Harris '14.
  • Software Engineer, IBM. Kathleen Chalas '13.
  • Software Engineer, Yammer, Inc. Ojaswirajanya Thebe '09.
  • Software Engineer, UX Developer, EPAM Systems. Yvonne I. Ramirez Takane '08.
  • Senior Technical Architect, AHEAD. Michael Caplan '06.

4. Some work with information technology and communication.

  • Technical Consultant, Perficient. Avinab Rajbhandary '14.
  • Application Specialist, Fieldglass, Inc. Mary E. Brennan '13.
  • Director of Web Development and Digital Media Solutions, Infobase Learning. Chris Plapp '02.
  • Information and Communications Technologies Coordinator, Millennium Villages Project, Columbia University. Matthew Berg '00.

5. Some take on leadership positions.

  • Founder/CEO/CFO/President, Craig Technologies. Carol Craig '89.
  • VP Special Projects/IT Supervisor and Social Media Coordinator, Scientific Device Laboratory. Steven Lipton '88.
  • President and Founder, ICEX, Professor, Boston University School of Management. Richard Swanborg '76.

6. Some work in a variety of fields outside of computer science.

  • Head of Project Management Office, Bloomberg Tradebook. Nikhil Krishnaswamy '00.
  • Business Unit Leader, Hospital to Home APAC. Fernando Javier Erazo '01.
  • Director of Fiscal Operations, Millikin University. Ruby Brase '88.

7. One even co-wrote the BASIC programming language.

  • Co-author, BASIC Programming Language and Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Dartmouth University. Thomas Kurtz '50.

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Professor John Dooley and student, in a computer science class.
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Printed on Sunday, July 22, 2018