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Weihong Du

Chair & Associate Professor of Asian Studies

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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How We Work

  1. We prepare students for the world of tomorrow. Approximately 20% of the world's population speaks Mandarin. As China plays a growing role as an economic and political power, we recognize the importance of Chinese Studies on both a national and an international scale. Our program has grown to accommodate a growing number of students from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, with varying levels of exposure to Chinese culture. Even as our program continues to grow, we remain closely connected with our students.
  2. We extend our learning across every part of campus—and beyond it, too. Students learn about China through culture studies, literature, politics and film, but that's just the beginning. When they leave class, students can participate in a host of events and student organizations—whether that's discussing global politics at a Chinese Club meeting or celebrating Chinese New Year at a professor's house. Our program crosses paths with a variety of disciplines, and there are plenty of opportunities for comparative studies with other countries in Asia.
  3. We seek out unique experiences. Pre-approved study abroad programs in China span the geography from Yunnan to Beijing to Shanghai. Their focuses range from language immersion to social and cultural studies. We also promote internships abroad, which help open the door to international job opportunities. Knox students benefit from a flexible, open curricular program that encourages participation in a wide range of China study abroad programs. 
  4. Our grads find success. Joanna Stack '11 was awarded a Fulbright teaching fellowship in New Delhi, India. Aram Hong '10 is a supply chain manager at Samsung Electronics. Shannon Singer '10 worked as an english teacher in the JET program.

The Program

As a student in the Chinese program at Knox, you will have the benefit of small classes, courses that include research opportunities, and access to numerous off-campus programs. Knox offers courses in Chinese conversation and composition through the intermediate level, with the opportunity to minor in Chinese. Chinese courses are also integral to the Asian Studies major.

The minor in Chinese focuses on Chinese literature, history, society, and religion. Requirements for the minor include advanced courses, such as:

  • Women and Modern Chinese Literature
  • Orientalism and Occidentalism in Chinese Literature
  • Chinese Film
  • Advanced Courses in Chinese Language
  • Modern China
  • Culture and Diplomacy of Modern East Asian
  • East Asian Philosophy
  • Globalization and Modern East Asia
  • Chinese Economy
  • Independent Study Courses in the Areas of Faculty Expertise

The minor is designed to allow for substitutions with courses completed while studying abroad.

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