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Requirements for the major: Bachelor of Arts

At least 11 or 12 credits as follows:

  • General Chemistry: CHEM 100A and CHEM 102A, or CHEM 100-102
  • Analytical Chemistry: CHEM 205
  • Organic Chemistry: CHEM 211 and CHEM 212
  • Inorganic Chemistry: CHEM 215
  • Physical Chemistry: CHEM 321 and CHEM 321A (.5 credit)
  • Presentation Skills in Chemistry: CHEM 399 (.5 credit)
  • Advanced Studies: The Advanced Studies requirement is the means by which students engage themselves in a more in-depth study of one of the sub-disciplines of chemistry: analytical, organic, inorganic, physical, or biological. It is met by one of:
    • One or more elective courses at the 300 level that make up at least one credit (BCHM 301 may be used as the elective course)
    • An independent research project at the 350 level for a minimum of one credit
    • A second major or a minor in Biochemistry
    • An Honors Project in Chemistry or Biochemistry (for a double major)
    • Calculus: MATH 145 or MATH 151 and MATH 146 or MATH 152

Requirements for the major: Bachelor of Science

  • In addition to the B.A. Major requirements (above), students must complete the following:
  • Three courses from: CHEM 315, CHEM 316, CHEM 317, CHEM 318, CHEM 322/322A, CHEM 325, CHEM 328, CHEM 331, CHEM 395, or BCHM 301
  • One course from: PHYS 110, PHYS 120, PHYS 130, or PHYS 130A

Requirements for the minor

5 or 6 credits as follows:

  • General Chemistry: CHEM 100A and CHEM 102A, or CHEM 100-102
  • 2 courses from: CHEM 205, CHEM 211, or CHEM 215
  • 1 course from: CHEM 212, CHEM 220, CHEM 250, CHEM 325, CHEM 328, or CHEM 331

Note: Students double majoring in Biochemistry and Chemistry may count no more than 4 courses to both majors. For major-minor combinations of Biochemistry and Chemistry, no more than 2 courses may apply simultaneously to both programs.

Certification by the American Chemical Society

Students interested in chemistry as a profession or for graduate school training should consider completing the requirements for the certified curriculum espoused by the American Chemical Society as follows:

  • those listed for the major plus BCHM 301, CHEM 322, CHEM 322A, CHEM 325, CHEM 331
  • two from BCHM 310, CHEM 315, CHEM 316, CHEM 318, CHEM 328, CHEM 395.

Two units of independent study may be substituted for these two electives.

  • one year of a foreign language: recommended are French or German, 101, 102, 103
  • two units from PHYS 110, PHYS 120, PHYS 130 or PHYS 130A
  • Recommended: CS 141
  • Recommended: ENG 101 and/or ENG 102.
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