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Rea Amit


Rea Amit

Visiting Assistant Professor of Asian Studies

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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Ford Center for the Fine Arts

Visiting Assistant Professor of Asian Studies

Rea Amit

General Interests

Years at Knox: 2018 to present


Ph.D., Film and Media Studies combined with East Asian Languages & Literatures, 2016, Yale University.
M.F.A. Aesthetics, 2010, Tokyo University of the Arts
B.A., Comparative Literature and Philosophy, 2005, Tel Aviv University.

Teaching Interests

Selected Professional Accomplishments


Book Chapters

"Converging on Love and Indifference: Mediated Otherness in South and East Asia," in Hyesu Park (ed.), Media Culture and Race Matters in Asia (Forthcoming, Rutgers University Press)

"Ringing Home, Missed Calls, and Unbroken Land-Lines: Domestication of, and Miscommunication in K-, and J- Horror," in Cynthia Miller and Bow Van Riper, eds., Dark Forces at Work: Essays on Social Dynamics and Cinematic Horrors

Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals

"What is Japanese Cinema? Imamura Taihei's Wartime Theory of Film, Tradition, and Art." (2019) 27 (4): 597–621, 10679847-7726903

"On the Structure of Contemporary Japanese Aesthetics.” Philosophy East and West  Volume 62, Number 2 (April, 2012). Chinese Translation: “论当代日本美学的结美与时代(August, 2017)

Articles in Peer Reviewed Online Journals

"Programming a Public Mediascape: Distribution and the Japanese Motion Pictures Experience"  On_Culture, Issue 8, Winter 2019, journal/issue-8/public- mediascape/  

"The Right to Misunderstand Japanese Cinema: Tsurumi Shunsuke, Imamura Taihei and Muthu, the Dancing Maharaja.”New Ideas in East Asian Studies (2017 Special Edition)

"Shall we Dance, Rajnikanth? The Japanese Cult for Kollywood." Participations: International Journal of Audience Research. Volume 14, Issue 2 (November, 2017)


"Retro-activating Films After the End of Cinema: Participation and Prolepsis in Contemporary Japanese Media Culture," Ends of Cinema, Center for 21st Century Studies conference, Milwaukee, WI, May 2018

"The Emancipated Friends of the Studio: Tōei's Network of Activists, Gamers, and Analog Bloggers," Society of Cinema and Media Studies Conference (SCMS),Toronto, March 2018.

"Auteurs of Flow: The Serialized Cinematic Idiom." Kinema Club Symposium: "Beyond the Canon: Reconsidering Japanese Cinema of the 1950s," Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures, Norwich, UK, June 2017. 4/6

"The Right to Misunderstand Japanese Cinema: Imamura Taihei, Tsurumi Shunsuke, and Muthu the Dancing Maharaja." British Association for Japanese Studies Conference, Chiba University, Japan, May 2017.

"A Televisual Reality of Cinema: The Postwar Japanese Program Picture." Society of Cinema and Media Studies Conference (SCMS), Chicago, IL, March 2017.

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