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Students in a sculpture class in the Whitcomb Art Center


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Andrea Ferrigno

Chair & Associate Professor of Art

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A closeup of a students art work.

Requirements for the majors

Art History

10 credits as follows:

  • Studio art: three credits, at least one of which is at the 200 level.
  • Art history: six credits
  • Senior Research in Art History: ART 399A.

With permission of the chair, up to 2 credits in related studies outside the department may be counted toward electives in the major.

Studio Art

12 credits as follows:

  • Art history: 3 credits including at least one of ART 226 and ART 246, and 2 other Art History courses, with the exception of ART 105
  • Drawing: ART 110
  • Two additional 100-level studio art courses
  • Two 200-level studio art courses
  • Advanced Intermedia Studio Workshop: ART 351 (1 credit)
  • Open Studio: ART 390 (2 credits winter term senior year)
  • Exhibit Practicum: ART 392 (1 credit spring term senior year)

A double major in Studio Art and Art History is permissible under the restriction that at most two courses can count toward both majors; additionally, for the Studio Art major one of the required credits in Art History is replaced by a credit from an allied field of study selected from: DANC 260, ENG 363, PHIL 211, PHIL 246, or THTR 151.

Requirements for the minors

Art History

5 credits as follows:

  • Studio Art: One 100-level course
  • One art history survey course: ART 105 or ART 106
  • Three art history courses at the 200-level or above

Art Museum Studies

5.5 credits as follows:

  • ART 130
  • ART 282
  • Art History: 2 credits with one at the 200 level
  • AADM 111
  • Internship (one-half credit)

With permission of the program advisor, one credit outside the department may be counted as an elective in the minor.

Studio Art

6 credits as follows:

  • ART 110
  • Two 100-level studio art courses
  • Two studio art courses at or above the 200-level
  • Art History: 1 credit


6 credits as follows:

  • Drawing: ART 110
  • Design: ART 112, 212, and 220
  • Allied skills: 1 course from ART 113, 115, 119, 235; CS 340
  • Theory/History: 1 course from ART 226, 246, 323; JOUR 123, 345

A major-minor combination in Studio Art and Art History or Studio Art and Design is permissible under the restriction that at most one course can count toward both specializations. It is also permissible for a Studio Art or Art History major to minor in Art Museum Studies with the restriction that only one course can count toward both specializations.

Students hang their art work on the walls of the Ford Center for Fine Arts in preparation for the Al Young Student Art Show.
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Printed on Thursday, September 28, 2023