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Danielle Steen Fatkin

Associate Professor of History; Chair of Archaeology

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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Requirements for the minor

5 credits as follows:

  • Introduction to Archaeology (ENVS/HIST 115)
  • At least one and up to 2 credits in skills courses: HIST 285, HIST 347, ENVS 188, ENVS 289, STAT 200, ART 130, ART 282. If more than one of the skills courses are taken for the minor, only one may be at the 100 level.
  • At least two and up to 3 credits chosen from one of the designated specialization tracks (American Archaeology, Mediterranean Archaeology, Geological Archaeology); no more than one of the courses in the area of specialization may be at the 100 level; students may self-design a specialization track with faculty approval.

American Archaeology Track: HIST 181, HIST 224, HIST 263, HIST 281, ANSO 231, ART 221

Mediterranean Archaeology Track: ART 105, HIST 104, HIST 110, HIST 111, HIST 271F, HIST 276C, HIST 301, HIST 371, CLAS 202, CLAS 204

Geological Archaeology Track: ENVS 125, ENVS 241, ENVS 242, ENVS 330, ENVS 335

Self-Designed Track: Get chair approval for 2 or 3 specific courses and forward that list to the Registrar

Up to one credit in a field or other intensive research learning experience approved by one of the program directors. Credit is not necessary to fulfill this requirement, but credit can be earned where possible. Options may include:

  • Two 0.5- or one 1.0-credit independent study with a relevant faculty member
  • Field school transfer credit equivalent to at least 1.0 Knox credits, or otherwise documented field school experience of at least three full weeks
  • Documented internship in a museum or laboratory, of at least 100 hours

At least 5 total credits in Archaeology - if credit is not earned for the research or field experience, students must take 3 electives or 2 skills courses

Note: No more than one course may count for both the archaeology minor and any major program.


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Printed on Thursday, October 21, 2021