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Short-Term Immersive Experiences


Tim Foster

Director, Eleanor Stellyes Center for Global Studies

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Canoes sit on the shore of a lake at the Green Oaks Biological Field Station.

Knox offers a variety of recurring short-term immersive experiences that combine on-campus study with a trip to another city or country during a term break.

Imagine topping off a term of intense instruction with a trip to Freiburg, Germany, or teaching on a Navajo reservation after taking a course on the tribe's history and culture. All this and more can be achieved through Knox's short-term off-campus programs.

Recurring Immersive Experiences

London Arts Alive

This program examines the arts in the social and political context of a major urban center through readings, films, and discussion to establish a theoretical foundation that will be investigated in a three-week trip to London. You'll be immersed in seminars, theatre, opera, music, dance, poetry, visual art, architectural and cultural icons, and historic sites. A major project of either traditional or creative scholarship is completed upon your return.  — offered fall term and winter break

Knox in New York

A unique Fall Term course that extends into Winter Break, and combines Studio Art with Art History. During fall students participate in a seminar course that focuses on European and New York artists and art movements from the early 20th century to the present. During ten days in New York, students visit galleries and museum collections, present a research project, and attend drawing classes and lectures at the Studio School. In the last week, students return to Knox to resolve a body of work based on their experiences in New York. — offered fall term and winter break

Teaching on the Navajo Reservation

This program begins with the spring term course Culturally Appropriate Teaching—The Dine, which emphasizes Navajo history and culture. The following summer, you'll travel with professors to Rock Point or Flagstaff, Arizona, to teach for two weeks with Navajo teachers and students in reservation elementary schools. You'll also have the chance to visit other parts of the reservation, interact with Navajo parents and grandparents, and participate in select cultural events.  — offered in the summer

Recent Immersive Experiences

Arts, Culture, and Landscapes of Southern China

This travel experience exposed students to local cultures through a variety of visual, performing, and literary arts inspired by this region, including painting, dance, theater, and other forms of expression such as poetry, folk tales, and historical narrative. Students witnessed various urban, rural, natural, and cultural landscapes in Guilin/Yangshuo (in the southeast region) and Kunming/Dali (in the southwest region) offers diverse perspectives in China with special attention paid to minority culture. — Winter break 2018


Students traveled around Israel, the West Bank, and Jerusalem for two weeks, meeting people from every side of the conflict and visiting the sites that have made Jerusalem so important to so many different people—the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, among others. — Winter break 2018

Healthcare, Social Work, and Education: Oaxaca, Mexico

Students explored potential careers in education, social work, interpreting, and health care during a winter break trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, where they also practiced their Spanish-language skills and learned about the area’s people and culture.— Winter break 2018

Drumming and Dance in Ghana

The two-week intensive cultural immersion course took place in Ghana, West Africa. Students stayed at the Dagbe Cultural Arts Centre, located in the village of Kopeyia and were able to take lessons in singing, basket-weaving, cloth-making, drumming, and dancing, and learned about other crafts from local artists. — Winter break 2018

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