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Short-Term Immersive Experiences


Brenda Tooley

Director, Eleanor Stellyes Center for Global Studies

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Knox offers a variety of recurring short-term immersive experiences that combine on-campus study with a trip to another city or country during a term break.

Imagine topping off a term of intense instruction with a trip to Berlin and Istanbul, or teaching on a Navajo reservation after taking a course in the tribe's history and culture. All this and more can be achieved through Knox's short-term off-campus programs.

Afro-Cuban Music & Dance Cultural Field Study

In this short-term performing arts and cultural immersion course, students are introduced to a variety of topics related to Cuban culture, history, politics, philosophy, and daily life. Through studio classes and interaction with families, artists, and governmental art institutions, students will perform, analyze, construct, critique, and demonstrate their acquired skills in various traditional Cuban artistic mediums. — offered fall term and winter break

European Identities

The interdisciplinary European Identities course combines classroom studies with a 17-day trip to Berlin and Istanbul. You'll focus on the ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity of the two cities while exploring neighborhoods, visiting museums, and meeting locals. There are no language requirements, making it a perfect fit if you're interested in history, international politics, or European culture.  — offered winter break

Knox in New York

Following a seminar course that focuses on European and New York artists and art movements from the early 20th century to the present, participants in Knox in New York travel to New York to visit galleries and museum collections, present a research project, and attend classes and lectures at the Studio School. After returning to campus, you'll resolve a body of work based on your experiences.  — offered fall term and winter break

London Arts Alive

This program examines the arts in the social and political context of a major urban center through readings, films, and discussion to establish a theoretical foundation that will be investigated in a three-week trip to London. You'll be immersed in seminars, theatre, opera, music, dance, poetry, visual art, architectural and cultural icons, and historic sites. A major project of either traditional or creative scholarship is completed upon your return.  — offered fall term and winter break

Teaching on the Navajo Reservation

This program begins with the spring term course Culturally Appropriate Teaching—The Dine, which emphasizes Navajo history and culture. The following summer, you'll travel with professors to Rock Point or Flagstaff, Arizona, to teach for two weeks with Navajo teachers and students in reservation elementary schools. You'll also have the chance to visit other parts of the reservation, interact with Navajo parents and grandparents, and participate in select cultural events.  — offered in the summer

Cultural Immersion: Drumming & Dance in Ghana

This course aims to provide an international, life-transforming learning experience, grounded in the study of music and dance, yet valuable to students majoring in programs across all disciplines. By focusing on the collaborative study of music and dance in Ghana, the course offers participatory strategies for intercultural understanding. — offered winter break

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