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Patricia Xi


Patricia Xi

Assistant Professor of Psychology

2 East South Street

Galesburg , IL 61401



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Assistant Professor of Psychology

General Interests

"My primary research interest is on cognitive aging, especially on how language and memory processes change over time. I am particularly interested in understanding how cognitive processes change with healthy aging, so we can better understand how these processes generally work and we can work on dispelling misconceptions about growing older. I specialize in an everyday memory failure known as the tip of the tongue (TOT) experience (when you know you know a word but when you try to say it, it’s just a bit out of reach and feels like it’s on the tip of your tongue) and other real-world retrieval problems. I also investigate influences on everyday financial decision making, especially in the context of real-world problems like elder financial exploitation and mass marketing scams."

Years at Knox: 2020 to present


Ph.D., 2019, Claremont Graduate University

M.A., 2012, Boston University

B.A., 2011. Whitman College

Teaching Interests

Cognitive psychology, cognitive aging, language and memory

Full Curriculum Vitae - (PDF)

Selected Professional Accomplishments


CGU Graduate Student Council Travel Award, 2018
CGU DBOS Dean’s Travel Award, 2016-2018
CGU DBOS Psychology Department Citizenship Award, 2015
CGU’s Felix and Helen Juda Fellowship, 2014
CGU’s Jenness Hannigan Research Fellowship, 2014
CGU’s Psi Chi Chapter Research Award, 2014
CGU’s Dean’s Merit Fellowship, 2013-2016
Whitman College’s Elbridge and Mary Stuart Scholarship, 2010-2011
Whitman College’s Stephen B.L. Penrose Scholarship, 2007-2010
Whitman College’s William O. Douglas Diversity Scholarship, 2007-2011


Xi, P. M. (2020). If at first you don’t succeed, you should try again: Error learning does not cause recurring tip of the tongue states. Manuscript in preparation.

Xi, P. M., Gardner, E.,* & Burke, D. M. (2020). Try, try again: Repeated retrieval attempts reduce tip of the tongue recurrence. Manuscript in preparation.

Klapatch, L., Wood, S., Hanoch, Y., & Xi, P. M. (2020). Cluster analysis of Mass Market Scam solicitations: Analysis of variables and consumer responses. Manuscript in preparation.

Wood, S., Xi, P. M., Liu, P., Hanoch, Y., Hengerer, D., Paul, J., & Klapatch, L. (2020). Why Comply? Risk and Efficacy Perceptions Drives Compliance in Mass Marketing Scams. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Wood, S., Liu, P., Hanoch, Y., Xi, P. M., & Klapatch, L. (2018). Call to claim your prize: Perceived benefits and risk drive intention to comply in a mass marketing scam. JEP: Applied, 24, 196-206.

Liu, P., Wood, S., Xi, P., Berger, D., & Wilber, K. (2017). The role of social support in elder financial exploitation using a community sample. Innovation in Aging, 1, 1-11.

Hollis, A., Ducanson, H., Kapust, L., Xi, P. M., & O’Connor, M. G. (2015). Validity of the mini-mental
state examination and Montreal cognitive assessment in the prediction of driving test outcome. Journal of American Geriatrics Society, 63, 988-992.

Herbranson, W. T., Xi, P. M., & Trinh, Y. T. (2014). Spatial variability in serial response learning and performance by pigeons (Columba livia). International Journal of Comparative Psychology, 27, 280-294.

Herbranson, W. T., Trinh, Y. T., Xi, P. M., Arand, M. P.,* Barker, M. S. K.,* & Pratt, T. H.* (2014). Change detection and change blindness in pigeons (Columba livia). Journal of Comparative Psychology, 128, 181-187.


Xi, P. M., Wood, S. A., Liu, P., Hanoch, Y., & Klapatch, L. (2018, May). Are older adults always more susceptible to fraud than younger adults? An investigation into a mass marketing scam. Poster presented at the Cognitive Aging Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Xi, P. M., Wood, S. A., Klapatch, L., Paul, J., & Liu, P. (2017, November). Call to claim your prize: Perceived benefits drive the likelihood of contact in a mass marketing scam. Poster presented at the Psychonomic Society Annual Conference, Vancouver BC, Canada.

Gardner, E.*, Xi, P., & Burke, D. M. (2016, April). Tip of the tongue states: Retrieval attempts reduce recurrence. Poster presented at the Cognitive Aging Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Gardner, E.*, Xi, P., & Burke, D.M. (2014, November). Retesting, studying and incubation: Effects on tip of the tongue experience. Poster presented at the Psychonomic Society Annual Meeting, Long Beach, CA.

Gardner, E.*, Gawlik, A.*, Xi, P., McCarthy, C.*, Schickele, D.*, & Burke, D.M. (2014, April). Putting the testing effect to the test on TOTs: Do retrieval attempts reduce TOTs? Poster presented at the Cognitive Aging Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Xi, P., Hollis, A.M., Ducanson, H., Kapust, L.R., & O’Connor, M.G. (2013, June). An update on mental status screening for the impaired driver. Poster presented at the Massachusetts Neuropsychological Society Science Symposium, Boston, MA.

Tahaney, K., Xi, P., Delgado, N., Grant, M., Kremen, W., Franz, C., & Lyons, M.J. (2012, March). The effect of trauma on risk of PTSD is modified by parental psychopathology. Poster presented at the American Psychopathological Association Conference, New York, NY.

Trinh, Y.T.,* & Xi, P.* (2011, April).
Change blindness in pigeons using a variant of the flicker task. Poster presented at the Western Psychological Association Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

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