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The Ford Center for Fine Arts at sunset.

2022 Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month


Kim Schrader

Title IX Coordinator

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401

Cell: 309-337-6536

Office: 309-341-7751


Students walk by the Gizmo in the fall.

April is recognized nationally as Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. The goal of SAAPM is to raise awareness about sexual violence and educate communities on how to prevent it. Throughout the month of April, Knox College will offer interactive and informative programming opportunities to come together and discuss the ways in which sexual violence impacts our community, with a focus on our theme: Cultivating A Community of Care. There will be programming on important steps we can all take to build a culture of prevention, interactive opportunities for learning through the exploration of boundaries and self-care, information on the role each of us has in creating a safe campus community, and opportunities to support those affected by trauma.

Friday, April 1 - Saturday, April 30

#KnoxWearsTeal Campaign

Request a swag bag of teal items to show your support for survivors! Items will be delivered to your K-Box and we will give away one free t-shirt each week. To be eligible for the free t-shirt, post to social media showing a teal bracelet, button, or ribbon, using #KnoxWearsTeal and tagging @KnoxDareToCare. Request your bag of swag here. Online and in-person.

'Dear Survivor...' Project

This project is a platform through which members of the Knox community can share anonymous words of support to offer solidarity to all survivors of sexual and gender-based harassment and violence. Entrees will be shared through public space around campus and via social media. Submit your anonymous note online here or fill out a ‘Dear Survivor’ postcard on campus. Online and in-person.

Seymour Library Book Display

Stop by Seymour Library (near the accessible entrance) any time during the month of April to see a specially curated display celebrating Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. The display will feature some of Dare to Care Peer Educators’ favorite books on topics related to consent, healthy relationships, and healthy sexuality. In-person.

Tuesday, April 5

Talk About It Tuesday: Self Care as Means of Community Care

This week on #TalkAboutItTuesday we will be discussing self care as a means of community care. Self care and community care are extremely compatible practices focused on helping yourself so you can better help others and vice versa. Visit our social media pages (@knoxdaretocare on Instagram) for our weekly post, and stop by our table in Seymour Gallery during meal times for an interactive activity! Online and in-person.

SAAPM Day of Action

Chances are, someone in your life is a survivor of sexual harassment, assault, or abuse, even if they've never shared their story with you. Participating in the SAAPM Day of Action is a great way to show you support survivors and are a safe person to reach out to. Show your support for survivors on the Day of Action by wearing teal—and then sharing a selfie on social media. Post your photo using the hashtag #SAAPM2022 and #KnoxDareToCare. All themed entrees using these hashtags will be entered into a drawing for a prize. Online and in-person.

Tuesday, April 5 - Friday, April 29

#KnowYourWorth Campaign Opens for Submissions

#KnowYourWorth week is back! The #KnowYourWorth campaign is about honoring our commitment to self-care, healthy relationships, respect, and sexual citizenship. Use your creativity to tell your story. Submit any art piece that celebrates self-love, healthy sexuality or healthy relationships.  All forms of art— photographs, drawings, paintings, sculptures, poems, stories, songs, or anything else you can come up with— are welcome. We will gather your submissions and share them (with permission) at the Showcase and Open Mic event on April 29. Online and in-person.

Wednesday, April 6

Workshop Wednesday - Bystander Bonanza

7:00 p.m., Ferris Lounge

This workshop will be an interactive and engaging station-style Ferris Lounge workshop on how to be an active bystander utilizing the CARE acronym. Facilitated by the D2C peer educators, participants will work in small groups to have fun and learn skills to help make a difference for good. In-person.

Saturday, April 9

I-Fair at Knox College

12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m., CFA Lobby

Stop by the Dare to Care booth during I-Fair, where we will share information on safer sex, birth control/contraceptive methods, healthy relationships, and taking care of your anatomy. This booth hopes to share fun and engaging information that students may not have learned or have access to at home. In-person.

Tuesday, April 12

Talk About It Tuesday: Continuum of Action

This week on #TalkAboutItTuesday we will be discussing the continuum of action, which defines a range of behaviors we can engage in to create the community of care we want. It means being an active bystander in instances of potential sexual assault, yes, but also “smaller” actions like correcting your friends when they make harmful jokes or calling out harrassment in the workplace that also have a big impact. Visit our social media pages (@knoxdaretocare on Instagram) for our weekly post, and stop by our table in Seymour Gallery during meal times for an interactive activity! Online and in-person.

Exploring Relationships: Boundaries, Consent and Red Flags

4:00 p.m., Trustees Room 302

In this workshop, Mariah Huston, Sexual Assault Prevention Educator, WIRC-CAA Victim Service will explore healthy relationships and talk about how to set healthy boundaries in relationships, identify unhealthy boundaries in a relationship and red flags, and CONSENT 101. In-person.

WIRC The Clothesline Project

4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m., Outside Alumni Hall

Join WIRC-CAA Victim Services for their presentation of the Clothesline Project.The Clothesline Project is a visual display of violence statistics that often go ignored. Each shirt is made by a survivor of violence or by someone who has lost a loved one to violence. Different color shirts represent different types of violence. In-person.

Thursday, April 14

Students Fight Back Violence Prevention and Self-Defense

7:00 p.m., Trustees Room (302)

Students Fight Back is a gender-inclusive program that provides practical and empowering options to learn violence prevention. This in-person workshop includes skills to hone your intuition awareness, as well as safety tips - awareness, eye contact, verbal boundaries, how to be an active bystander and ally, consent, supporting survivors, how to set boundaries that work for you, verbal de-escalation skills, the basics of self-defense, and more! Presented virtually by nationally recognized self-defense expert, facilitator, and advocate Nicole Snell, participants may register online here to attend virtually. Online and in-person.

Tuesday, April 19

Talk About It Tuesday: Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships

This week on #TalkAboutItTuesday we will be discussing healthy versus unhealthy relationships, including some common unhealthy behaviors and how to recognize and address these behaviors in our relationships with our friends, family, peers, coworkers, etc. Visit our social media pages (@knoxdaretocare on Instagram) for our weekly post, and stop by our table in Seymour Gallery during meal times for an interactive activity! Online and in-person.

Rejuvenate with Gentle Restorative Yoga

6:00 p.m., Trustees Room 302

A time of relaxation and renewal! Led by Tina Hope, MS, RYT-500, the session will begin with a variety of breathing techniques and gentle floor movements that focus on slowing down, easing tension, and creating space in our hearts, minds, and bodies so as to invite and embody our place of wholeness. We will conclude with a supported savasana and guided meditation. This class is accessible for all levels, including those who have never tried yoga. Please bring 1-2 blankets and a yoga mat if you have one! If you need a mat, please sign up here. In-person.

Friday, April 22

Celebrate Earth Day: Growing Together at the Knox Farm

4:00 p.m., Knox Farm

Communities that help and support each other, grow together. This is true for people, and for plants! Come work on the permaculture guilds at the Knox Farm orchard to learn about and experience how this system is connected from Tina Hope, the Knox Farm Manager. In-person.

Saturday, April 23

Dare to Care Booth at Earth Day Festival

12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., South Lawn, Old Main

Visit our booth at the Earth Day Festival for information on sustainable menstrual products and sex toys, and to pick up fun, sustainability and reproductive-health related goodies. In-person.

Monday, April 25


7:00 p.m., Trustees Room 302

We’re excited to welcome Natalie Kessler, Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) to lead a session on the Zentangle Method, an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Zentangle art is non-representational and unplanned so you can focus on each stroke and not worry about the result. There is no up or down to Zentangle art. You don't need to know what a tangle is going to look like to draw it. You just need to know the steps–and Natalie will teach us! The result is a delightful surprise.

As you use the Zentangle Method to create beautiful images, you likely will enjoy increased focus, creativity, self-confidence and an increased sense of well-being. You can learn more about the Zentangle Method on their website. In-person.

Tuesday, April 26

Talk About It Tuesday: Supporting People in Unhealthy Relationships

This week on #TalkAboutItTuesday we will be discussing supporting people in unhealthy relationships. Learn more about how to discuss difficult topics with your loved ones and ways to offer support without judgment. Visit our social media pages (@knoxdaretocare on Instagram) for our weekly post, and stop by our table in Seymour Gallery during meal times for an interactive activity! Online and in-person.

Wednesday, April 27

Denim Day

Denim Day is an annual, national day of awareness that encourages participants to wear denim as a symbol of believing survivors and asserting that consent has nothing to do with your clothing. Wear denim and post #DenimDayKnox photos in solidarity. Online and in-person.

Friday, April 29

#KnowYourWorth Showcase and Open Mic

6:00 p.m., Round Room (110), CFA

The #KnowYourWorth campaign is about honoring our commitment to self-care, healthy relationships, respect, and sexual citizenship. This event is all about showcasing YOUR expressions of these values. Art submitted by students will be on display for students to browse and enjoy all evening, and creators are invited to personally share their work during the Open Mic portion of the evening. You can submit your artwork here.

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