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Criteria for Selection of Knox College Trustees


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We are pleased to share updated criteria for selection of Knox College Trustees. Should you have any questions or feedback, please contact Heather Bumps, vice president of strategic initiatives, at, or Robert Barker, secretary of the College, at

Criteria for Selection of Knox College Trustees

In identifying candidates for the Knox College Board of Trustees, the Committee on Trustees assesses the current and future needs of the Board and the College to identify the expertise, experience, and diversity that are currently most needed. Nominees will have a deep respect for the liberal arts and possess the experience and character to make the mission of Knox College, and its long-term success, the focus of every decision. 

In selecting individuals to be nominated as Trustees, the Committee considers the following criteria:

Record of success.

Nominees will be leaders, broadly defined, in their profession or community who possess a record of success in their chosen field of endeavor. This may include innovative thinkers; successful entrepreneurs; academics recognized among peers for their excellence; talented senior level managers; community, civic, and political leaders; and other solution-oriented professionals exhibiting the ability to lead.

Demonstrated interest in higher education.

The Committee seeks to nominate individuals with an interest in addressing challenges relevant to higher education today and an ability to help solve them. Experience may include involvement in fields that require the critical and creative thinking produced by a liberal arts education. Some nominees will be attractive due to specifically pertinent expertise such as, but not limited to, global enterprise operations; program development; mental health care; financial management; marketing; and technology.

Diversity of perspectives, lived experiences, and identities.

The Committee  seeks candidates for nomination to the Board from among the alumni, parents, and friends of Knox College. Nominees will share Knox’s commitment to building and supporting a broadly diverse and inclusive community, including diversity of gender, race, ethnicity, and LGBTQ+ identities, as well as those with first generation and international student backgrounds, and other dimensions. Nominees may include both those who have extensive Board experience in either corporate or non-profit sectors as well as those who are new to Board service.


The success of Knox College requires a Board that values the open, honest, and collegial debate of ideas and priorities. The Committee seeks to nominate individuals who demonstrate a willingness to consider views different from one’s own, a sense of humor, and a respect for the Board as a governing body that allows for rigorous debate but gives full support for actions decided upon by the Board as a whole. 

Financial Generosity.

All trustees will demonstrate their commitment to Knox College and our mission by making the College one of their top two philanthropic priorities. Members of the College’s administration will work with each trustee individually to align philanthropic interests with the needs of the College both in the short and long term.

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Printed on Friday, December 1, 2023