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Ensure a Knox Education for Generations to Come


Office of the President

Teresa L. Amott, 19th President of Knox College

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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The tradition of a liberal arts education in a residential setting is resilient: and so is Knox, persisting and evolving through extraordinary economic and social changes. Since our founding in 1837, we have continued to offer a life-changing education in a small, personalized setting. The students who graduate from Knox enter society equipped with the ideas and skills needed to lead in a changing, globalized world and to make sound choices for a more socially equitable and ecologically sustainable future. As we look toward 2018, and further beyond to 2037 and Knox’s bicentennial, this is the time to ensure that generations to come can benefit from a Knox education.

Strategic Priorities

Recruit, nurture, and sustain faculty and staff who are leaders in their fields.


Create a contemporary, sustainable, and accessible Knox campus featuring the design, technology, and infrastructure required for a 21st-century education. Plan intentionally and strategically to renovate existing facilities, add revenue-enhancing new facilities, and ensure that facilities are suitable for year-round programming and revenue.


Achieve financial equilibrium by securing the short-term and long-term funding needed to fulfill our educational mission.


Ensure the long-term ability for campus operations and infrastructure to adapt to a changing environment and the associated resource availability concerns.


  • A $1.5 million renovation of the Hard Knox Cafe was completed in summer 2017. 
  • Solar panels were installed on the roof of Wilson House during summer 2017, thanks to funding providing by Student Senate.
  • A risk management committee has been formed and has completed an exercise to identify the primary risks facing Knox.
  • Bandwidth was doubled thanks to new agreements with internet service providers.
  • Read the entire Goal 3 Progress Report.
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Printed on Monday, December 11, 2017

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