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Take a cue from your future peers. Nobody knows Knox better than our students. Here's a brief sampling of some of the things they have to say about Knox.

"My mom and aunt [Knox alumni] had always told me the people at Knox were the best you would ever meet-supportive, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile for you. I have found this to be true; I suppose some things never change!"
-Mary Anderson '09.

"I wanted to continue to expand my interests rather than be specific right away. Knox was the only place I could do that. As a college student, you have a lot of time in college to figure out what you are going to do with yourself and that helps solidify the perception of who you are."
-Krista Anne Nordgren '12, Creative Writing major.

"I recognize where it comes from. It's really great being around people who know how to teach, learning from faculty in the educational studies department who know how to work with each student as a unique individual."
-Chris Johnson ‘09, Educational Studies major.

"I didn't want a [sports] program that would take over my life. Other schools are more intense and demanding in their student/athletes lives. I knew Knox would give me a change to do things outside athletics. I didn't want to just be a student/athlete... or a jock."
-Jaclyn Anderson '09, Biology major.

"Looking back, I was so unaware of many important issues in both my local community and the world before coming to Knox. I'm grateful that this place has taught me to always think critically about gender, race, and class issues, and to always question. I am always intensely excited to return to this campus. It's home now."
-Annie Zak '11, Creative Writing and Spanish majors.

"There is not enough emphasis on learning by doing in school - experiential learning. To be honest, my working relationship with my professors is the best thing that happened to me academically at Knox...when I came to Knox I was politically aware, but that awareness has expanded, and I have become more engaged"
-Danny Gonshorek '11, Studio Art and Educational Studies majors.

"The thought of graduating and narrowing my passions is scary. I will miss having a random idea from left field and having so many faculty say ‘Okay, how do we make this happen?'"
-Pam Schuller '09, Independent Major.

"To get into medical school, my undergraduate experience needs to be challenging. I wanted something that can get me above all the other people who want to get into med school, too. A place I don't need to worry about weed-out classes, and I wanted faculty that are willing to help me. I wanted that kind of mentality."
-Sara Koehnke '12, Neuroscience major.

"When you come here, you start to see people and appreciate their differences. You start to see that the idea of being different or diverse is a positive thing ... a productive thing. I've never been so stretched, tested and pushed. I think you find out about yourself and learn a lot more, and I think I will be in debt to a lot of faculty for what they have done for me."
-Luke Karner '09, Educational Studies major.

"It was my visit to Knox that sealed the deal for me...I felt I would be challenged here. I liked the community too. I went out and listened to jazz within a few blocks of the campus."
-Chris Johnson '10, Computer Science and Mathematics majors.

"The Knox faculty prepares you for the outside world. They aren't going to do the work for you. You have to be willing to help yourself, but when you finish at Knox, you are prepared and ready,"
-Dean Cliff, '10, Educational Studies and Classics majors.


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