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Elected to Phi Beta Kappa

The Knox Shop
Ford Center for the Fine Arts

Class of 2020

Emilie Barrett
Samuel Beem
Sylvia Bowen-Bailey
Casey Brayndick
Sarah Drée Carter
Sean Caselli
Sokhunthia Cheng
Nicole D'Alterio*
Shifa Dandia
Michelle Dudley*
Nathan Errampalli
Audrey Fisher
Philip Griffin
Alexander Hegg
Aaron Kapinos
Natalie Kowalski Krogull
Chi Thi Nha Le
Soo Jin Lea
Jenna Milligan
Catherine O'Brien
Debora Ortiz Lustgarten
Kartik Patel
Niamh Pemberton
Annie Peterson
Zuri Peterson
Cayne Randle
Lizemarié Robbertse
Aditya Siddharth
Katana Smith
Sarah Smith*
Cassandra Stear
Janie Sutherd*
Irein Thomas
Minh Trang Tran
Mariam Tsintsadze
Connor Kyn Wood
Melissa Wood

*Elected as Juniors

Class of 2021

Marion Opal Frank
Isaac S. Hughes

Knox College

Printed on Saturday, October 24, 2020