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College Honors, 2019-2020

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Ford Center for the Fine Arts


Talia Bossingham — Assessing the Relationship Between Horse Personality, Behavior, and Coloration

Aditya Siddharth — Detection of Environmental CRISPRs by a PCR Assay that Targets Conserved Repeats

Melissa Wood — Investigating the Mechanism of Longevity for Age-2 Mutant Caenorhabditis elegans


Adee Athiyaman — Synthesis and Characterization of Heteroleptic Copper Dimers Generated from Tetrakis(3-phenylpropionate) dicopper(II) Precursor

Alexander Hegg — Toward the Isolation of Reduced Iron Hydrosilylation Catalysts

Composition and Rhetoric

Aaron Kapinos — Narrative Confusion and the Development of Student Agency

Creative Writing

John Muth — The Pleiades

Margaret Ruswick — Lake Town: A Collection of Short Stories

Creative Writing and Computer Science

Franziska Hofhansel — ‘A Correct Animal’: Interrogating Gendered Computation Through Digital Narrative

Creative Writing and English

Mia Coletto — Fiction Collection: “Fragile Creatures”

Data Science

Connor Weeks — Predicting College Success Through Machine Learning

Environmental Studies

Soleil Smith — Love, Rage, and No Going Back: Extinction Rebellion and Developing New Methodologies of Activism Within European Direct Action Environmental Movements


Jada Bishop — Interrogating the Hermetic Tradition: Imperialism, Religion, and Power in Ancient Egypt

International Relations

Sydney Folger — Communist Legacies and Education: Gender Inequality in Education in Post-Communist Countries


Jenna Milligan — Algebraic Methods in Probability and Statistics


Zachary Cirone — Schubert’s Piano Sonata Developments and Early Romantic Form


Khanh-Linh Duong — The Effects of Race and Friendship Affiliation on Occupational Perceptions

Jassmine Jassmine — Tripping on Positive Emotions: The Role of Awe and Self-Compassion in Psychedelic-assisted Psychotherapy

Theatre: Directing

Joel Willison — Death of a Salesman: A Paper Analysis and Staging Project Framed by Post WWII Tropes of American Masculinity

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Printed on Saturday, October 24, 2020