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Part 4: Resources

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This section of the self-study sets out to answer the question: Does Knox College have the resources it needs to advance the mission of the College? The answer is mixed. The human resources at Knox -- its students, faculty, staff, and alumni -- are as strong or stronger than at any previous period of the College's history. Since the mid-1990s we have made a strong investment in technology, which has kept us up to date in technological resources. But the College has long sustained itself on a smaller resource base than one would expect necessary for the strong educational experience we have provided. This has been possible because of the strong commitment of the people who make up the College, and by a "can do" attitude and a pride in big accomplishments with small means that sustained us in a perpetual over-achieving mode. But in the early part of this decade, the College faced up to a realization that in our effort to stay competitive and to further advance our position in the arena of higher education, we had overspent our financial resources and were in danger of collapse. As explained in the first chapter of this self-study, the last eight years have been a time of both consolidation and expansion. Significant challenges remain. But the College is on a much firmer base than it was ten years ago, and practices are now in place that will help us continue to build our resources, in their many forms: human, financial, physical, and technological.
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Printed on Thursday, October 19, 2017

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