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Knox College and Galesburg share a historically rich relationship: both the city and the College were founded in 1837 by abolitionist missionaries who set out to start a kind of utopia on the prairie. With the richness of campus life at Knox, it's easy to overlook all that Galesburg offers. But Galesburg is an important part of the college experience for Knox students.

Galesburg offers much more than you might expect in the typical small city. A city of 33,000, Galesburg has a lovely historic downtown, complete with the Orpheum Theatre, where the award-winning Knox-Galesburg Symphony plays, as well as specialty restaurants, coffeehouses, shops, brick streets, and Victorian architecture. And there are over 80 restaurants in Galesburg, as well as 23 public parks.

Galesburg is also an extension of the classroom for Knox students. Law firms, political campaigns, hospitals, newspapers, art galleries, and theatres -- places where Knox students intern -- are all just a short walk from campus. Whether you are running a cross-country meet at the Lake Storey Recreational Area, building a house with Habitat for Humanity, interning at the Knox County Courthouse, listening to the Knox College Jazz Ensemble in McGillacuddy's, or eating a crepe at the Landmark Café and Crêperie, Galesburg proves to be more than just a small city.  And most Knox professors live within 10 minutes of campus, which enhances the community feel of the college.

The fact is, Knox could not be Knox anywhere else.