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Up for Ultimate Frisbee? Wanna try your hand at water polo? Or how about bump-set-spiking your way to victory on an intramural volleyball team against your favorite professors? You're going to be expected to work hard at Knox. So of course you're also going to need to play!

Knox's intramural and club sports are so popular that more than half the student body takes part in at least one. Our state-of-the-art Fitness Center is available at convenient hours for all sorts of exercise options, from weight training to walking on a treadmill, to yoga and tai chi classes -- all kinds of chances to get out of your room and get a little relaxation into your life.

Feel like getting off campus? Lake Storey Park's hiking and biking trails wind around a lovely lake and serene setting. And Green Oaks -- Knox's own 700-acre biological fieldstation -- is a perfect outlet for fishing, hiking, canoeing and camping.