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Student Involvement


When it comes to making decisions that impact students' lives, Knox College takes an approach we think you'll like -- we give you a central role.

At Knox, students always have a chance to let their voices be heard. They are full voting members of College committees, representing their classmates in deliberation on a wide range of academic and residential issues. In addition, every class elects representatives to the Student Senate, which spearheads student-sponsored reforms, large and small, that contribute to the evolution of the College. Students even served on the committee that selected President Teresa Amott.

This high level of responsibility and participation gives students a strong sense of ownership. They really feel that this is their school, that they have a stake not only in what kind of place it is now, but what kind of place it will be in the future. Knox is the product of all the students who have ever walked its campus, and Knox will continue to evolve with the students who choose to live and learn here in the future.