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Knox Traditions


When you first arrive at Knox, you'll take part in one of our longest-running and most-loved traditions: Pumphandle. You'll wind through a line on the lawn outside Old Main shaking hands with fellow students, future professors, and other members of the campus community who will become like family.

One of our favorite traditions is Flunk Day, when classes are unexpectedly canceled for a day-long celebration of the arrival of spring. Other events like Prairie Burn -- the annual burning of the native prairie grass at Green Oaks Biological Field Station -- bring together students and professors from all disciplines. You'll find yourself experiencing lots of other well-loved traditions here, too: "traying" (a creative form of sledding) in the Knox Bowl, cheering on the Prairie Fire football team during the annual Bronze Turkey game, or hearing the historic Old Main bell signaling that it's time to get to class.