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Green Oaks


Prairie Fire: it's not just the name of our athletic teams. It's also a yearly tradition at Knox. Each spring, the Knox community gathers for the annual prairie burn at Green Oaks.

Green Oaks is the College's 700-acre biological field station, home to one of the nation's oldest prairie restorations. It's a biology major's dream -- an outdoor lab, if you will -- but it's also a perfect backdrop for courses in photography, environmental science, painting, and creative writing. Students utilize Green Oaks for independent research on everything from the red-headed woodpecker to a study of deer population. It's also a great retreat from everyday life: you can hike, cross-country ski, fish, or camp under the stars.

Green Oaks is also home to one of the College's most unique off-campus study programs: the interdisciplinary Green Oaks Term. Students live in the newly refurbished Schurr Hall, which includes six bedrooms, a library, bathrooms, lounge area and porch from which to watch the sunset.