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Nobody's knocking Knox when they say their favorite experience here was spent ... somewhere else! (Like in Barcelona, Buenos Aires or Besançon, for example ... )

Studying abroad is an invaluable part of many Knox students' undergraduate education. In fact, nearly half of Knox's students embark on an off-campus study program during their four years here. And that means Knox is a campus community of world travelers.

Knox offers 26 programs in 18 countries including Africa, North and South America, Asia, Europe, and the United States. Students can focus on any academic area, from human evolution to international business to medicine to Swahili. This access to overseas opportunities is one of the reasons Knox is a member of the "International Fifty" -- a group of colleges and universities whose graduates pursue international careers in unusually large numbers.

Before you embark on your horizon-expanding experience, you'll have help with application and preparation from staff at Knox's Center for Global Studies.