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Honor Code


Knox is a place where you'll have "freedom to flourish." But you'll also take responsibility for your education.

Knox students have governed their own behavior and disciplined themselves for academic misconduct since 1951 when Iraqi Kurd Ismat Kittani helped initiate the College's Honor Code. It wasn't Kittani's only notable accomplishment. He later became president of the United Nations General Assembly.

Today the Honor Code continues to anchor the sense of responsibility and self-direction that is central to intellectual life at Knox. We haven't had a proctored test since.

Having this kind of privilege comes with the responsibility of monitoring your own academic honesty. Anyone found in infringement of the policy must go before the Honor Board made up of students, with the possibility of failing or being expelled.

It sounds serious, and indeed it is. But it also underscores the sense of community, respect and trust within Knox's unique learning environment.