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Most colleges attract a particular type of student. But you won't hear Knox referred to as "business-student school" or a "jock school" or an "art school" -- even though we have thriving programs in business, art, and athletics. What sets Knox apart is its well-roundedness. There is no "type" of student here.

Our 1,382 students come from 47 states and 48 countries, with 86.9 percent being more than 100 miles from home when at school. Eighteen percent are students of color, while 7 percent of our student population is made up of international students. More than 65 percent of our students indicate some kind of religious preference, from Christianity to Hinduism, and 91.5 percent perform volunteer work.

Despite these statistics, we can't really describe a "typical" Knox student, because there is no such thing. We're a community of dancers, football players, philosophers, business and economics majors, soon-to-be teachers, Democrats, Republicans, Greens, political and apolitical students -- you name it, it's Knox.