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Social Sciences


Knox's strength in the social sciences is evident in the number of graduates who have gone on to notable careers in journalism and law, and teachers who serve as advocates of social change in elementary and secondary classrooms across the country.

Social sciences at Knox focus on issues relating to humanity -- the issues of our time and of our ancestors. Courses and majors range from the study of non-industrial societies to the study of the use of technology in today's classrooms; from Judaism, Christianity and Islam to the study of Hispanic literature.

Our programs in political science and history, Gender and Women's Studies, Black Studies, anthropology and sociology, international relations, and other social sciences allow students to explore such issues as societal norms, corporate and social responsibility, and the interplay between political and economic structures. And social science students have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the societal issues studied in class through the ACM Urban Studies program in Chicago or Washington Semester in the nation's capital.