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Imagine presenting your original research on frog eggs in front of a group of scientists. Or going to Germany with your psychology professor to an international gathering of researchers. Or being interviewed by the media about your oral history project on World War II veterans.

Knox students have done all of these things.

In fact, Knox students accomplish these kinds of things all the time. Knox is widely known for its extensive undergraduate research opportunities. The majority of Knox students -- more than 85 percent -- complete a research project or independent study before graduating. One in six seniors completes an intensive yearlong research project -- often the equivalent of a master's thesis -- through the College Honors program.

Knox offers opportunities, financial support, and faculty encouragement for research unparalleled among the nation's top colleges and universities. Last year alone, Knox awarded more than $200,000 in support of student research and creative projects. That creates a learning environment in which nothing can stop you from exploring, digging deep, and coming up with your very own discovery.