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Melvin Taylor '14

Intern, CBS Television Stations

Educational Studies major, Journalism minor

Of the 1,400 who applied, Taylor is one of only 23 to receive a International Radio and Television Society Foundation Summer Fellowship.

Melvin Taylor is an intern at CBS

Describe your summer internship.

My internship is a few blocks off of Times Square (and across the street from David Letterman) in New York City with CBS Television Stations in their audience research and sales department. I research audience ratings nationally to provide account executives the data they need in order to make sales for local and national advertising throughout CBS and WB programming.

How do you think this internship experience will benefit you?

This internship will help me to start my career path within the business side of media. The best part about sales and research is that it's universal so that I could move anywhere and perform a similar job in a new city and state.

What has been the coolest part of your internship so far?

Aside from seeing all the celebrities on the street (Dave Chappelle and Halle Berry!) being able to go to Letterman, visiting Tumblr, and seeing Afrojack live in concert, the best part has to be the access I'm given to top level executives that I normally would never have been able to converse with.

The International Radio and Television Society Foundation really is the premiere media society within all aspects of media. Over 1400 people apply for the summer fellowship and only 23 are selected. The President of CBS told me that it's harder to get into this program than it is Harvard Law School.

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Printed on Saturday, March 28, 2015

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