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Sustainability Research

Research is an important part of the Knox experience, both for students and faculty. Faculty are engaged in many types of research and we encourage them to consider sustainability in their topics and practices. Knox College defines sustainability broadly as the intersection of social equity, environmental stewardship, and economic vitality. Sustainability research can be research which looks at a topic using sustainability as a lens or can focus on one aspect of sustainability. This diversity of research strenghtens the liberal arts education and broadens perspectives on the field of sustainability.

Departments engaged in sustainability research

Anthropology & Sociology
Black Studies
Business & Management
Environmental Studies
Gender & Women's Studies
Religious Studies

Faculty research related to sustainability

(in alphabetical order)

Katherine Adelsberger - Environmental Studies
Stuart Allison - Biology
Monica Berlin - English
Steve Cohn - Economics
Catherine Denial - History
Lance Factor - Philosophy/Religious Studies
Magali Roy-Fequiere - Gender & Women's Studies
Fred Hord - Black Studies
Helen Hoyt - Chemistry
Tim Kasser - Psychology
Kathleen Ridlon - Dance
Peter Schwartzman - Environmental Studies
Carol Scotton - Economics/Business & Management
Amy Singer - Anthropology & Sociology
Richard Stout - Economics
Jennifer Templeton - Biology
Brooke Thurau - Environmental Studies

Student research related to sustainability

Students Create Sustainable Food Group: Growing Galesburg

International Spotlight: Eli Mulhausen in Thailand

International Spotlight: Michael Belitz in Australia