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Knox College Student Sustainability Fund

Supporting Sustainability Projects

Green Fee
Knox students established a fund for sustainability projects to help them embrace sustainability by implementing their own initiatives. Drawn from student activity fees, the Fund can be used by any student to purchase services or products that directly increase the sustainability of the Knox College campus.

The Student Sustainability Fund was established in 2008 and collected $5 from each student, each term, toward a fund amounting to approximately $15,000 per year. Since 2008 students have voted to increase the amount of money students pay each term to $10, which totals $30,000 a year. This fund is used to support student proposed sustainability projects, and any unused funds will roll over into the Fund to be used in future years.

Any student at Knox can propose a project by filling out the Student Sustainability Fund Proposal Form (PDF). Completed applications are then reviewed and approved by the Student Senate Sustainability Committee. This Fund is entirely student-driven, student-run, and student-used.

Past projects have included funding to help Knox hire a Sustainability Coordinator who now furthers green programming and initiatives on campus. Funds have also been used to create a compost program which is home to 50,000 "red wiggler" worms that transform our food waste into rich compost. This Fund has also provided more bike racks on campus, and started a new Bike Sharing Program.  Facilities Services have installed dual flush toilets, faucet aerators, low-flow shower heads, and drying racks with money from the Fund.

Over the years the Student Sustainability Fund has allowed students the ability to be creative and proactive in the way they want to see sustainability efforts carried out on campus.

Any student may apply for funding; you don't have to be involved in KARES or an Environmental Studies major. The Student Sustainability Fund money is YOUR money to be used to make sustainable changes on our campus and we want to make sure it all gets used up. Small projects, large projects, all are possible.

Apply for Student Sustainability Funding

Begin by reviewing the Guidelines and Regulations, then fill out the Proposal Application. Submit your Application to the chair of the Student Senate Sustainability Committee. The Sustainability Committee will review your proposal and if approved, it will be recommended to the Student Senate for further consideration. If the Student Senate agrees to the proposal, the requested funds will be allocated to the project through the Campus Life Office. Proposal forms are currently available outside the Senate Office, the Campus Life Office, or you can download them below.