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Sustainability at Knox College

Knox College is committed to creating and nurturing a culture of sustainability.  We believe that such a culture includes:
  • Recogniton the humans are a part of nature and need to live in balance with Earth's ecosystems.
  • Reduced consumption of natural resources to a replinishable rate.
  • Reduced generation of waste to a rate at which the environment can assimilate it.
  • Decision making that gives equal weight to natural, social, and economic systems.
  • Commitment to place, including conservation and equity in distribution of local resources.
We believe that doing our part will ensure the well-being of future generations

Programs and Initiatives
Knox has a wide variety of ongoing projects and organizations to increase a campus-wide culture of sustainability.

Memberships, Compacts, and Recognition
Click here to see which national and international intiatives Knox has partnered with.

Knox College hosts many speakers and sustainability events throughout the year.

Resources for the Knox Community
See what you can do to follow the Knox definition of Sustainability.

Knox Farm
The Knox Farm grows food for campus and community use.

Bikes at Knox
Learn about Knox's Bike Shop and Bike Share programs.

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