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Special Projects

Each year, Knox awards scholarships and prizes to our most promising and deserving students. Many of these funds, as well as research and book funds, were established by alumni, friends, or faculty and alumni as a way to honor members of the Knox community. Funds, such as the first two below, were established years ago and additional funding would allow them to be more meaningful and impactful to the recipients.

Below is a sampling of funds; you likely recognize many of the names as members of the Knox community you've known well. If you would like to make a gift toward one of these special projects, please indicate the name of the project on your pledge form.

If you are interested in a prize, scholarship or other fund not listed below, or if you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Gallas in the Advancement Office.

Faculty Scholarship
This scholarship is for a member of the junior class, and is selected by the faculty.

Outstanding Senior Award
This award is for a senior who has inspired others through leadership given to the community through generous service, and upheld intellectual standards through example. The award is administered by Mortar Board.

William E. Brady Fund in English Literature
This award is for the senior literature major with the best performance in the senior seminar. Not to be awarded until fund balance equals $25,000. As of June 18, 2012 the fund has a balance of $11,816.

Harley Knosher Scholarship Fund
This scholarship is for students in need, who have an interest in athletics, and who demonstrate the qualities and values of Coach Knosher.

Tom, Dick, & Harry Neumiller Scholarship
This scholarship has no restrictions.

Betsy North Scholarship
This scholarship has a preference to be awarded to a graduate of Galesburg High School.

Wilbur Pillsbury Scholarship
This scholarship will provide financial assistance to needy students interested in the field of business, with preference to juniors or seniors who have shown an ability and interest in the general area of finance and accounting.

Bill Geer Research Fund
The fund will award "grants" to Knox students and faculty to purchase small items of equipment and other materials and resources needed in research projects but not available or accessible to the applicant. Equipment should be construed to include instrumentation, unusual supplies, accessories (such as lenses or filters) for larger instrument systems, or any other resources needed by a research project.

Rodney Davis Fund
This fund is for the acquisition of books or reference works for Seymour Library in the field of American studies.