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The Knox Fund

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You make Knox.

The Knox Fund supports every aspect of academic and student life at Knox.

The cost to provide a high-caliber Knox education to all students of talent and promise increases each year. That's why your support of the Knox Fund is more important than ever -- your contributions are put to immediate use supporting Knox's mission, its students, and its educational program.

Since February 1837, through wars, depressions, civil unrest, and social change, Knox has met its mission to educate all qualified students regardless of race, means, or gender. Your support helps Knox continue to meet this mission.

A contribution to the Knox Fund is one of the most meaningful -- and easiest -- ways you can help Knox.

What your Knox Fund dollars do Giving societies Young alumni Student Calling Program
What Your Knox
Fund Dollars Do

Giving Societies Young Alumni
Student Calling

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Senior Challenge
Faculty and Staff
Parent Fund Volunteer