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Alumni Hall Recognition

Interior theatre in Alumni Hall prior to the begining of the renovation

The transformation taking place within Alumni Hall would not be possible without the leadership gifts made by alumni and friends of the College. Many thanks to the donors listed below for their dedication to this project.

To learn more about available recognition opportunities in Alumni Hall, contact Beverly Holmes, vice president for advancement, or call 309-341-7755.

Main Garden $100,000
West Garden and Sitting Area $90,000
East Garden and Sitting Area In memory of E. Beatrice Fox
Stone Bench In Honor of Bill and Judy Geer, from Gerald '65 & Carol Klail Vovis '65
Stone Bench  In Memory of Dennis Bailey, from friends and family of Dennis and Denise Bailey
Heritage Center Richard '57 & Joan Whitney Whitcomb ‘56
Main Entry Atrium Duke '74 & Nancy Petrovich
Third Floor Event/Meeting Room Trustee Room
First Floor Student Lounge Mary Kent Knight '60
Third Floor Forum Janet Koran '71 & Steven Handler
First Floor Seminar Room Class of 1962
First Floor Conference Room Charles Smith '84 Family
Second Floor Conference Room Max Wine honoring Raoul Wallenberg
Third Floor Apse Robert J. '56 & Katherine Sparks & Claire Snider Smith ‘72
Third Floor Study Area Douglas L. '66 & Maria L. Bayer
First Floor Study Area (NW) Ralph Walter '69
First Floor Study Area (NE) $100,000
First Floor Study Area (SW) Karl '60 & Barbara Nagel '59
First Floor Study Area (SE) Patrick St. Aubyn Lyn '84 & Craig Lyn-Overstreet
Second Floor Balcony (SW) $25,000
Second Floor Balcony (SE) $25,000
Office of Admission
Admission Services Suite James '63 & Mary Jo Howe Potter ‘62
Admissions Technology Center Kyle '83 & Laura Winning
Admission Hospitality Room John '37 & Elaine Fellowes
Dean of Admission Office $250,000
Director of Admission Services Office John T. '78 & Jane Pritchard
Director of Admission Office Thomas L. Anderson '66 & Sue Fuerst Anderson '71
First Floor Counselor Office Keith Maskus '76 & Susan Rehak '75, in memory of Susan's parents
First Floor Counselor Office K.T. Sr. '41 & K.T. Jr. '69 Johnson
Counselor Office The Boynton Family, Judy, Pete '65, Laurel ‘92
First Floor Counselor Office Ann Matthysse & Meg Gale, in honor of their parents
First Floor Counselor Office P.J. Hoerr
Second Floor Counselor Office $50,000
Second Floor Counselor Office $50,000
Second Floor Counselor Office $50,000
Second Floor Counselor Office $50,000
Interview Room Michael G. & Karen Ruedi Crowell ‘72
Interview Room $50,000
Office of Financial Aid The Class of 1963
Reception Area $150,000
Director of Financial Aid Office Paul '78 & Susan Haerr Zucker '78
Workroom $150,000
Financial Aid Office $50,000
Financial Aid Office $50,000
Office of Alumni Relations
Reception Area Donald R. '52 & Martha Thrasher Stroben '52
Director's Office Charles J. '50 & Mary Runyon Gibbs '51, by Charles R. & Harriett Gibbs
FYC Office Irene Bowman Landis '36
Alumni Relations Office Frank J. & Elsie M. Vovis, Parents of Gerald F. Vovis '65
Center for Career &
Pre-Professional Development
The Bastian Family -- Joseph '67 & Diane Bastian, Kathryn Bastian '78
Reception Area Joseph E. '50 & Judi Wagner
Director's Office John D. '72 & Nancy Barrick Carlin '72, Sarah E. Carlin '10
Interview Room $50,000
Program Office James T. '54 & Roberta Schlick Poor '54
Center for Community Service Mark & Jeannette Kleine
Reception Area The G.L. Vitale Family Foundation
Director's Office Galesburg Community Foundation
Program Office Rob and Carrie Benedict & Family
Center for Research & Advanced Study Gerald '65 & Carol Klail Vovis '65
Reception Area The Jim L. Duffy '51 Family
Director's Office F & M Bank
Program Office Albert & Helen Klail, Parents of Carol Klail Vovis '65
Center for Global Studies Eleanor Stellyes Largent '36
Reception Area John '71 and Mary Podesta and the Sandler Foundation, in honor of John D. & Mary K. Podesta, Parents of John Podesta ‘71
Director's Office $125,000
Program Office $75,000
Lincoln Studies Center  
Office Jeremiah G. Smithwick '36
Workroom Dr. Robert J. L. '40 & Maren Sundberg