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Student Senate

Knox College Student SenateStudents at Knox play a significant role in determining how the school is run. By participating with and from within Student Senate, you can be one of the members of our campus who gets to decide matters like how Senate's discretionary budget is spent, which theme houses will be a part of campus, and how much money is allotted to each campus club.

Student Senate serves as:

  • An open forum to debate a variety of campus issues
  • A platform to make suggestions for improvement on issues and long-standing policy
  • A place for students to ask for budget approvals for their clubs or for events they would like to bring to campus
  • A means to make the Knox campus more dependent on student thought, opinion, and actions

There are many ways to get involved with Student Senate, such as participating in the following student-led committees:

  • Sustainability Committee
  • Dining Services Committee
  • Technology Committee
  • Campus Life Committee

Other forms of service
You may also serve on a faculty committee where you will get to work closely with faculty and staff members on issues regarding diversity, campus media (BIP), student life, and many more. Positions such as president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, or a chairperson of a standing committee are bigger commitments to the student body and greatly rewarding.

Through participation within Student Senate, you will often see and engage in the debates, issues, planning, and progress that go on within the Knox community. Each year brings something new, and by running for Student Senate, you have a chance to make your own impact on the campus.