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Student Governance

Student GovernmentKnox College prides itself on an involved and active student body. "Getting involved" is not just a slogan here, but a key principle of the Knox approach to liberal arts education. And that approach includes not only your studies and experiential learning but also your involvement in campus life.

At Knox you can play an important role in shaping the College environment. Through student government, planning boards, and other organizations, you'll share in the decisions that help enrich the College experience for everyone.

Whether its voting on a new cultural center, helping to bring a concert or other event to campus, or organizing the annual Flunk Day celebration, you'll work with fellow students to brainstorm ideas, plan and fund events, and have a voice in shaping a wide range of other activities at the College.

Students can get involved in a number of ways:

  • Student Senate: A spirited venue for debate on campus issues, Senate plays a vital role in determining how student activity fee funds are spent and makes student appointments to faculty committees.
  • Conduct Council and Honor Board: Forums for resolving disputes involving student residential life and academic conduct.
  • Intramurals Board: Provides support for informal sporting activities from volleyball to Frisbee golf.
  • Union Board: Got an idea for a concert, lecture, or other major campus event? This is where you'll work out all the details with your fellow students.
  • Sustainability Task Force: Created to help the College improve the environmental impact of its operations, this committee brings together students, faculty, and College President Teresa Amott.
  • Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council: Oversee the activities and housing of the numerous fraternities and sororities on Campus.

Personal Responsibility

At Knox you'll work closely with your academic and peer advisors to chart a course of studies that matches your interests and your passions. And while Knox offers many opportunities for you to help shape many aspects of campus life, you are also empowered to manage the most important ones: your own studies and academic integrity.

Knox students have governed their own behavior and disciplined themselves for academic misconduct via the Honor Board since 1951, when Iraqi Kurd Ismat Kittani helped initiate the College's Honor Code. We haven't had a proctored test since. Today that Code continues to anchor the sense of responsibility and self-direction that is central to intellectual life at Knox.