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Eco House

Eco HouseEco House, located at 675 South West Street, is a permanent on-campus house whose residents share similar sustainable ecological goals. These goals are reflected in the lifestyle choices of the residents. Such choices include being aware of and limiting one's usage of water, electricity, and other resources.

The residents of Eco House generally do not consider these lifestyle choices extreme, but simply forms of habit. Some of these practices include

  • taking short showers
  • only flushing the toilet when necessary
  • recycling
  • making compost
  • turning off lights when not in use
  • using/making their own products that are safe for the environment
  • only using/taking what is necessary

Eco House is meant to be a community of people who are united by their passion for these choices. Historically, Eco House residents were a major force in KARES (Knox College Advocates for Environmental Sustainability), and while presence in this club is not required, residents do commit a portion of their time to contributing to discussions and efforts in making Eco House, and Knox, a more sustainable place.