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ABLE Center for Black Culture

Cultural Center

ABLE HouseThe ABLE Center for Black Culture is located at 168 West Tompkins Street. Its main goal is to promote cultural, economic, and social awareness of the Afro-centric, African, and African American community. The ABLE Center, under the direction of the Center for Intercultural Life, organizes cultural and diversity-related events, workshops, and meetings.

Knox College students living in the ABLE Center act as house monitors and assist the Center for Intercultural Life with organizing events throughout the year. The ABLE Center is open to the entire Knox community and is the primary space for Allied Blacks for Liberty and Equality (ABLE) events.

The ABLE Center is a thriving hub for social gatherings, meetings, and study groups. It contains the following:

  • The ABLE Center is a thriving hub for social gatherings and talks.A conference room, used for Black Studies classes and meetings
  • A library of Afro-centric literature, used for leisure, class, or research purposes
  • A study/meeting area
  • A lounge/media room for meetings or social gatherings
  • A fully-furnished kitchen that may be used by any group or individuals who need a place to cook
  • An office for the ABLE Organization
  • A collection of artifacts from a multitude of points in the African world