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Residential Life

Knox -- door to door. More than 95% of Knox students live on campus. The rest live in nearby houses and apartments. Faculty and staff live within a few minutes of campus as well. That sense of togetherness, of belonging to the same place, not only contributes to a great sense of community, it also makes for endless opportunities for conversation, debate, and round-the-clock learning and discovery. You might hear an idea for the first time in the classroom, but you might not really "get it" until you talk about it with your professor in the Gizmo, or in a late-night conversation with your suitemates or roommate.

Our living arrangements are designed to accommodate just that kind of "community learning." Most students live in residence halls, the majority of which are arranged in suites, groups of single and double bedrooms that open on a shared living space. Fraternity houses and theme houses such as the International House, Casa Latina, and Peterson House are also popular options. No matter where you live on campus, you'll be wired to the College's Ethernet network, which includes free, unlimited Internet access and free e-mail.

The links below will tell you more about why Knox is not just a great place to study, it's a great place to live.

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