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Diversity and Inclusivity

Inclusivity at Knox

Our inclusive, global community -- from varying cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds, rural communities, and bustling cities -- creates an environment of diverse thoughts, experiences, and perspectives in our classrooms and beyond.

At Knox, we believe we learn the most from people least like ourselves. U.S. News & World Report's 2013 rankings listed Knox in the top 25 most international colleges and in the top 50 for ethnic diversity among the nation's leading liberal arts colleges.

  • More 10% of our students are from outside the United States, representing 51 countries.
  • Our U.S. students come from 48 states and territories, and 26% are students of color.

Student Voices: Diversity and Inclusivity at Knox

Alejandro Varela '13 Alejandro Varela '13
Phoenix, Arizona

"What surprised me about Knox was how many different nationalities and ethnicities [are on campus], and the overall diversity. I have become close friends with people from China, Nepal, the Philippines, Washington, Illinois -- pretty much all over the nation and the world."
Anushree Kedia '14
Mumbai, India

"The thing that stood out to me the most about Knox was its diversity and how accepting the campus is to international students. Being an international, that is something that is definitely important to me, and Knox has not let me down at all in that sense."
Anushree Kedia '14
Bekah Lauer '14 Bekah Lauer '14
Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Another huge reason I decided to come to Knox was because of the high diversity for such a small liberal arts school. I wanted a school where the students were diverse not only racially, but economically and through their ideology as well. I definitely found that at Knox College."
Jamal Nelson '14
Chicago, Illinois

"I have to say that Knox has a great cordial system; people from all places can come and feel welcome wherever they stay on campus . . . . We are a group of learners; every day we learn, and we learn from every person."
Jamal Nelson '14

CommUNITY Events
Diversity and inclusivity events throughout the year encourage conversation about issues that touch our campus community and the larger world. A few of the events include:

AXIS dance group AXIS Dance Company Performance
Students attended a performance by AXIS, one of the world's most acclaimed and innovative ensembles of performers with and without disabilities. AXIS has become a jewel of contemporary dance and disability culture.
Black Fatherhood Project The Black Fatherhood Project: Documentary & Discussion
First-time filmmaker Jordan Thierry offered context and conversation in an exploration of fatherhood in Black America through a telling of his own story and interviews with historians.
Black History Month events Black History Month Events
The ABLE student club organizes Black History Month events, which have included performances, fireside chats, and a student talent showcase.
Caribbean food Caribbean Cuisine
The Culture and Identity of the Caribbean class hosted Cynthia Nelson, a food writer from Barbados. Students and Professor William Hope prepared Caribbean food for Cynthia's presentation.

Life Outside the Classroom
From student clubs to cultural and educational centers, it's easy to see how diversity touches all aspects of campus life in a supportive, open-minded environment.

Clubs and Organizations
Cultural and Educational Centers