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Cultural Centers

Knox College is home to four cultural centers that promote cultural awareness and are open to all members of the Knox community.

International House

The International House is a coeducational, intercultural residence center where international and domestic students live together. The International House promotes understanding and mutual respect among students and encourages them to explore other cultures. The house is open to all students and provides the campus community with a venue for programs and events. As a residence celebrating cultural diversity, the International House offers students an opportunity to live in a multicultural atmosphere.

ABLE Center for Black Culture

The ABLE Center for Black Culture promotes cultural, economic, and social awareness of the Afro-centric, African, and African American communities. The ABLE Center, through the direction of the Center for Intercultural Life, organizes cultural and diversity-related events, workshops, and meetings.

Students living in the ABLE Center act as house monitors and assist the Center for Intercultural Life with organizing events throughout the year. Aside from being the primary space for the ABLE organization events, the ABLE Center is open to the entire Knox community and is a thriving hub for social gatherings, meetings, and study.

Casa Latina Cultural Center

Casa Latina is a Cultural Center dedicated to promoting Spanish, Latino, Chicano, Mexican-American, and Latin American life and culture. The Casa Latina Cultural Center is affiliated with Lo Nuestro, a student club focusing on Latino cultural awareness, which uses the Center for general meetings and events.

Those living in Casa Latina work to foster greater communication and understanding of the Hispanic/Latino culture and world and participate in group house projects every term. The Center is an open, inviting place on campus for people who are interested in learning through shared experiences.

Asian Cultural Center

Asian Cultural Center promotes cultural awareness and understanding of all peoples claiming Asian heritage, international and domestic, from the Middle to the Far East, and everything in between. The Center attempts to increase social and educational interactions with the wider college and town communities, and function as a forum and haven for discussing and enjoying Asian cultures for students and peoples of all backgrounds. Asian Cultural Center includes all other Asian culture clubs on campus under its umbrella and is utilized by the Chinese Club, Japanese Club, Korean Club, and Aaina for events.

Human Rights Center

The Human Rights Center (HRC) provides an outlet for progressive thought, open-minded discussions, and human rights activism. The Center is open to all members of the Knox community and is designated as a "safe zone" for anyone desiring a safe space to discuss and explore personal issues and views.

The HRC is a co-operative; a variety of clubs work together to address human rights and social justice concerns with an emphasis on educating the Knox community through encouraging and demonstrating activism. Individuals from each club come together to form the HRC task force which addresses issues concerning the Cultural Center as a whole and the outside community.