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Students Without Borders

Students Without BordersAlso known as Students Without Borders, Estudiantes sin Fronteras raises awareness about Latin American issues and relations between Latin America and the United States. Working in conjunction with other human rights groups on campus, Estudiantes sin Fronteras tries to bring social justice to the community.


  • Realizing and eradicating all forms of racism
  • Spreading the idea that "no human is illegal"
  • Supporting labor rights
  • Promoting reform of the immigration policy
  • Supporting the growth and importance of women's rights in Latin America and worldwide

On-campus efforts

  • Showing documentaries about injustices in Latin American countries, such as Bajo Juarez, a film about the dangers women face and the governmental corruption in Juarez, Mexico
  • Bringing speakers to Knox such as Sylvia Puente, the Executive Director of the Latino Policy Forum, and a member of Los Braceros, a group of Mexican workers that worked in the United States during World War II but were never paid for their work

Off-campus efforts

  • The group has travelled to attend many marches and protests such as the Jericho Movement march for political prisoners in New York City, School of the Americas protest in Fort Benning, Georgia, and the May Day march for labor rights in Chicago
  • No Mas Muertes (No More Deaths). For spring break 2009, members of Estudiantes sin Fronteras travelled to the Arizona/Mexico border to work with the relief group No Mas Muertes to provide humanitarian aid to those crossing the border. Upon their return, students gave a photo presentation open to the campus about what they did at the border

Estudiantes sin Fronteras has weekly meetings in the Human Rights Center and anyone is welcome to attend.