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Student Health Advocacy Group

SHAG is geared toward educating students about all aspects of health and well-being, from STDs and breast cancer to anxiety and eating disorders. SHAG believes that every student must be familiar with his or her health and body.Sex columnist Dan Savage answers student questions

The largest service provided by SHAG is the Condom Hotline. Through this hotline, students can anonymously request:

  • Male condoms (latex or lambskin)
  • Female condoms
  • Dental dams

The hotline also supplies dormitories with free condoms each term. While this service is widely used by campus, it is far from the only thing SHAG brings to Knox.

Past events

  • Dan Savage, a well-known sex columnist, spoke and answered questions from Knox students
  • Know Your Options. A counselor from Planned Parenthood in Peoria gave a talk and led a Q & A session about any and all possible options for women in the event of a pregnancy, wanted or unwanted. It was one of SHAG's most highly attended events of the 2008-2009 school year
  • The Breakfast Club. Once every two weeks, SHAG hosts a breakfast/brunch on Saturday mornings in the Human Rights Center. The goal of the Breakfast Club is to teach students that fad diets are not helpful in living a healthy lifestyle, and that moderation is key. A variety of cuisines have been served, such as cajun and Indian food, and a zine called "Portion Distortion" was made available to students
  • Eating Disorder Awareness
  • Signs of Suicide. This event helped students to recognize calls for help amongst friends who might be depressed or contemplating suicide, and also helped students find out what to do in the event that they are contemplating suicide themselves

SHAG also supplied all residence halls with breast cancer checkup cards to hang on every showerhead, which instruct women how to routinely check for signs of breast cancer or abnormalities that may call for further inspection.

SHAG meets every week in the Human Rights Center and is open to everyone.