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Songwriter's Guild

The Songwriter's Guild is a supportive songwriting community aimed at the sharing, critiquing, and refining of students' original songs through weekly workshops, as well as the development of methods by which members can market, distribute, and profit from their art in the music industry while still maintaining artistic integrity.

Every week, the Guild meets for a workshop where each member plays their ideas to be heard and critiqued by fellow members. Over the course of the term, each member will use these critiques to refine and enhance their songs. By the end of the term, each member should have at least two complete songs written (one solo and one with a co-writer) ready to be performed at Songfest, a concert put on by the Guild showcasing the work of members over the term.

The Guild sets itself apart from other organizations in that it is directly involved in livening up the Knox music scene not only through providing an outlet for student creativity on campus, but also through bringing in experienced songwriters and performers for workshops and lectures about the art and business of songwriting in our society.

Upcoming events include

  • Concert and songwriting workshop from Michigan-based folk singer/songwriter Andru Bemis
  • Concert and lecture on the music industry from DIY folk/jazz duo Bella Ruse

The Guild is open to anyone who wishes to bring their songwriting to the next level and approach it as an important and unique mode of artistic expression.