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Oriental Hipsters

Belly Dancing Group

Oriental Hipsters is a belly dance group open to all members of Knox College. The group's teachers/executive members, given the title of Buthtriek, teach belly dance to the larger group -- with two classes taught weekly.


  • Oriental HipstersFostering an exercise/dance community
  • Introducing members to the cultures of belly dance, and the different styles within the form
  • Broadening peoples' scope of culture in the Middle East, and how it has influence the U.S. directly in dance
  • Dispelling the myths of belly dance by going into its history
  • Learning to be comfortable with others around them in their own skin

Past events

  • I-Fair performance. The Oriental Hipster teachers, Buthtriek, performed at the 2011 Knox College International Fair.
  • Bi-Annual Hafla. A hafla is a belly dance party for showing club members' progress and sharing it with the community. There are two haflas a year, and we invite the community to attend.