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Odyssey Mentoring Program

Knox's Odyssey Mentoring ProgramThrough Knox's Odyssey Mentoring Program, you can become a mentor, a tutor, and a friend to a local junior high student that would benefit from a positive role model in his or her life.

Odyssey Mentoring involves spending just an hour or two of your weekly time mentoring kids from Lombard Junior High in Galesburg.


  • Creating a fun learning environment for at-risk kids
  • Providing positive role models for a younger generation
  • Building academic and social confidences in kids who are mentored
  • Bridging the gap between the local community and the Knox community
  • Making Lombard Junior High students more able to make positive, mature, and healthy choices

With the Odyssey program, you spend the first part of your weekly meeting with a student talking and helping them with their homework and the second half playing either indoors or outdoors.

The program takes commitment, as the junior high students expect their Knox mentors to be there every week. In the middle of classes and extracurricular activities, however, mentoring and providing a stable role model for Lombard students can benefit both students involved. By creating a lasting relationship, Knox students can create a stronger bond in the Knox-Galesburg community.