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Non-Traditional Students Club

The Non-Traditional Students Club at Knox College provides support and service to non-traditional students.

Knox offers a college experience for more than just the late-teen/ early 20-something student fresh out of high school. While that does make up most of Knox's population, you can also find a group of what Knox calls non-traditional students playing an important role on campus.

The Non-Traditional Students Club is specifically designed for students who might be a parent, working a full-time job, are a bit older than the average college student, or all of the above.


  • Provide support and information for Knox students who are also balancing jobs and family life.
  • Helping non-traditional students be as involved on campus as students who live on campus.
  • Host regular meetings twice a month to discuss experiences and ask questions. Children of students are welcome to attend.

Before classes begin during fall term, non-traditional students coordinate with faculty, staff, and administration to design their own Knox orientation. This orientation often includes discussions about issues non-traditional Knox students might face, such as

  • Parking issues
  • Difficulty in having the constant access to resources that on-campus students have
  • Expectations of professors, especially for those who commute
  • Integrating with traditional students in classes and extracurriculars

Past events

  • Campuswide movie nights
  • Helping with Habitat for Humanity
  • Non-Traditional Student Week
  • Organizing a booth for International Fair
  • Community service projects

Working as a group, non-traditional students can learn how to overcome these challenges and be as much a part of the Knox community as any on-campus student.

For more information, contact Irene Ponce or Missy Kratz.