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Model United Nations

Model United Nations is a national organization that gives students a chance to participate in simulations of meetings held and issues discussed by the United Nations.

Model UN conference in Montreal, CanadaBy joining the Knox College Model United Nations (KMUN), you will be able to experience the way international democracy works and get a better understanding of political compromise. The National Model United Nations has a strong foundational concept of learning by doing, and through the chapter at Knox, you can learn how the political world works by creating realistic simulations of it.


  • Participating in both intercollegiate competitive Model United Nations
  • Representing a country with your classmates
  • Representing a person, corporation, or non-governmental organizations
  • Being a part of conferences all over the United States and abroad
  • Improving your public speaking and debate skills

The Knox Model United Nations has won awards at the McGill Conference in Montreal, one of the most prestigious conferences in North America, and also at conferences in Chicago, St. Louis, Europe, and Egypt.

If you have a passion for politics or simply a desire to better understand the way the political policy impacts our world, nation, and society, joining the Knox College Model United Nations might be right for you.