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Improv Club

Improv Club performing a show entitled Knox Improv club is devoted to introducing, developing, and honing the skills involved in performing improvisational comedy. In rehearsals, the club works on both short and long form structures to gain a feel for what really happens in different kinds of improv comedy. The club has been at Knox for several years and are gaining support from the wider campus community. The Improv Club performs frequently for other organizations' events, and hold their own independent shows two to three times per term.

Rehearsals are typically two hours long with the first 45 minutes devoted to warming up and short-form games. The rest of the time is normally devoted to fun, yet focused and instructive, long-form improv and games. They are an open club and we accept all levels of experience with improv comedy. The club hopes to instruct those who are new and help each member become confident in their ability to perform and entertain. Please feel free to attend rehearsals and participate or simply watch and enjoy. Please contact the club if you want more information on rehearsals and shows, or have any other queries.