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Online Theology Journal

Fusion online theology journalFusion: Knox College Theology Journal was started in the fall of the 2010-2011 school year with the goal of promoting awareness and appreciation for the faith systems represented at Knox College. Its founders also intended for the journal to function as an intellectual space wherein Knox students can develop their skills through balanced and cohesive scholarly writing.

Fusion released its inaugural issue in May 2011, with the underlying theme of demystification, concerning common misconceptions in today's world about different belief systems. The journal plans to produce two issues for the upcoming 2011-2012 year. Fusion invites all writers with an interest in religious and faith issues to submit articles before deadlines, which will be announced at the beginning of the year. Writers are not required to adhere to any religious tradition.

Before submitting, writers are reminded that Fusion is a scholarly journal and will only consider articles that have been researched, properly referenced and formatted (Chicago Style, MLA, etc). Help and guidance is provided through Fusion research and writing workshops.

Fusion staff and writersAt present, Fusion maintains an online presence at (Please click on the link to access the PDF of the inaugural issue) In subsequent years, Fusion hopes to raise enough funds to release issues in hardcopy.

Given its novelty, Fusion will continue to run informational sessions throughout the year for anyone interested in contributing.